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Here are a selection of photographs from student competitions.  See the competition page for more information on the competition categories and rules.

PHOTO-Barber Winner 20
060217-013 copy
060217-030 copy
120317-501 copy
120317-520 copy
060217-020 copy
060217-088 copy
060217-085 copy
NW area 17 54
060217-059 copy
060217-063 copy
Hist 1.jpg
Gents 1.jpg
EVE  1.jpg
SFX  M Up 1.jpg
Nails 3.jpg
Trophies Stage.jpg
Fantasy 2.jpg
Fantasy 3.jpg
Age M Up 1.jpg
Nails 2.jpg
Nails 1.jpg
Body Paint 1.jpg
Bridal 1.jpg
Fantasy 1.jpg
Make up 1.jpg
Hair AG 1.jpg
Hair AG2.jpg
AG 3.jpg
AG 4.jpg
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